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Scottie and Westie Puppies
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One of the most life-affirming things is a litter of cheeky little puppies meeting everything and everyone with curiosity, trust and happiness. Over the years, lots of Scottie and Westie puppies have been born at Danskots - and it is an equally wonderful experience every time a new litter arrives.

At Danskots, the puppies spend their first couple of weeks in the peace and quiet of my bedroom with their mother. When they are old enough, they move into my living-room, where they can get used to all the sounds of the household and meet some of the older dogs.



All puppies have their very own personality. It is a joy to watch and guide them as their characters are being formed, and the work of socialising them is always fun. They get lots of love, lots of opportunities to play and plenty of fresh air (weather permitting).

If you are interested in a Scottie or Westie puppy from Danskots, you are welcome to telephone me. Maybe a new litter is on its way right now.

You can view more pictures of Scottie and Westie puppies here.

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